You want to create targeted landing pages but you don’t have an idea how to do it? Start using subdomains and directories now!

Regardless of your online business or e-commerce site, it is essential to be consistent throughout the marketing campaigns. Everything you do, I should be aligned with your company’s brand – whether it is email marketing, social media marketing or landing pages.

In order to help you with that, we’ve decided to offer you a little assistance on how you can host several landing pages on one domain. So, if you want to organize your products and services according to your goals and to run targeted marketing campaign, you need to start using domains, subdomains, and directories.

How to do that?

There is a platform called GetResponse and recently they added a new feature – GetResponse Landing Pages. You can use this platform to create targeted landing pages by utilizing subdomains and directories.

Inside the platform, you can add your main domain, subdomains, and directories on the landing page or the URL settings section of your landing page. From here, you can enter new domains, subdomains, and directories. You can do that with just one click, by choosing from the list.

When should you use directories?

The directories are mostly used when you need to target your business website in two languages and you need a landing page for both languages. In this case, you need to assign your main domain to the landing page and then create a directory for each language.

When should you use subdomains?

The subdomains are a little more complicated than the directories and this is why many people prefer directories over subdomains. However, there are some situations where using a subdomain is necessary. For example, if you are running an e-commerce website and you have two big sales per season where you present your most popular products. In this case, you need to create two subdomains, such as summer and winter and host the landing pages for the products at each subdomain.

A Final Word

If you never used subdomains and directories to target various segments or to create targeted landing pages as part of your marketing strategy, now is the perfect timing to do that. Using subdomains and directories is pretty simple if you know when to use them, of course.

Consult with your domain registrar for more information!

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