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Web Hosts: 5 Ways to Attract Better Clients

Increase competition is making doing business online more intense than ever. What you will wrap up with a few marketing moves in the past has become a herculean task landing resourceful traffic today. For web host companies, the industry populated by a few providers some years ago is not a cornucopia of providers with all manner of marketing offers being shoved down the throats of potential clients today. How do you attract better clients as a web host and maintain a healthy stake in the ever growing hosting market?

Anyone applying ten years ago marketing tactics in today’s internet services is joking. More and more new entrant into the web hosting market is coming up with laser target audience capturing tactics that the strategies of yesteryear are completely no effective today. Do you quit the business of hang on? We think you have to step up your marketing and sales tactics to measure up to competition. However, we provide five ways you can attract better clients to give you the marketing presence you need to stay afloat in the ocean of competition ongoing in the web hosting world.  You can also get inspired by some great companies such as Shopify, which have excellent hosting services.

  1. Understand who you serve

When you know your target audience, it is easier to come up with laser target marketing tactics to funnel your audience and convert them with ease. This is where building a buyer persona comes in to have detailed information about your target audience. What do your target clients want and how can you sever them? What they want becomes the point to work on and develop a solution to sell to your defined audience.

Knowing your target audience makes you able to solve their problems better than anyone else would. The moment you sell them a solution to their problem, they can latch on it and get sold.

  1. Create your small market to serve

Web hosting service today is essential to the online presence for all cadres of internet ventures. From schools to small businesses to faith-based organizations and so many other social groupings, people want to be found online. As a smart web hosting service, you don’t need to target everyone; you don’t even have to drown in the sea of the competition of regular businesses. Carefully develop a small bit of the market, especially those who present significant market size but are not yet as organized and as the popular ones to attract the attention of other hosting services.

Look at a growing cause whether in sport, medicine, and health care, spirituality, adventure or in education. Develop solutions to make them see the value and benefits they will get using your service and key into their unique need and push your service with all dedication. For instance, a growing concern today in the field of academic learning is the open and distance learning system. A web hosting service that can develop an intervention in this micro-niche of educational services will attract better clients than focusing on the larger education web hosting services.



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  1. People act when they are educated

A way of getting more customers is to educate them on what they stand to gain by hosting a site and promote their services. As a web hosting service provider, the starting point should be about educating your target audience to develop an appetite for your service.

A well educated specialized education practitioner will want to learn more about how your services will benefit them if they key into your services. With available learning materials, you will do more justice to the subject and help them make an informed decision about your services.

  1. Make your website stand out

Having your site appear sluggish won’t do you much good to convince the potential customers to buy from you. As a hosting service provider, you want your site to represent the quality service you want to be known to provide. A customer with happy surfing experience on your site wants his customers to experience the same and be happy.

When you have a responsive website that is also mobile friendly, it takes little efforts more to convince anyone to sign up for your service.

  1. Explore social media advantage

The personal interaction often experienced on social media makes it one of the best marketing tools ever! You want o commit to developing appropriate marketing strategies that bring you face to face with your target audience.

Going on social media marketing should be a conscious effort to make things happen between you and your prospect. Get someone ready to answer queries and attend to concerns about your service.